What is your life worth?

Film screening on Monday 19th, 7.30pm in LT1

The Fair Trade is an innovative documentary by Burning Heart Productions director Lauralee Farrer recounting the story of successful fair trade entrepreneur Tamara Johnston.

Johnston, devastated by the tragic death of her fiancee, makes a bargain with God to postpone suicide in exchange for a meaningful life. She quits her job at Dreamworks, her twin sister Shelby quits her job teaching art history at California State University at Los Angeles, and brother-in-law Steven quits his job at JPL in order to spend their days making soap for their start up fair trade skincare company Anti-Body. Johnston becomes an activist for human rights and social justice causes, but despair over her loss remains unabated for several years. As she nears the deadline of her bargain, a trip to Africa allows her to visit the fair trade co-op from which Anti-Body buys its organic shea butter. There, she finds a surprising answer to what is required of her in exchange for a sustainable life.

Why not have a look at the Go Global Week Events Programme to see what else is on?


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