Vemork – A hidden gem in the heart of Europe!

Taj Mahal – beautiful, but not as unique as Vemork!

Never mind the car-sick 4-year-old…

Looking for a different travel experience? There are so many beautiful places in the world you can go to. But if you want to tell your friends a unique story of where you’ve been you should choose a unique travel destination. This is one unique destination indeed!

I would like to share some of my memories from my summer holiday when I was four. Might be ages ago, but I believe this trip would still appeal to most students – wherever you’re from!

Summer of 1995: road trip in Norway with Mum, Dad, Sister. Not just any road trip though! It was a Road Trip Special visiting power stations across the country because Dad had realised how interesting the history of Norwegian power stations could be. We drove from power station to power station, and the trip lasted for days. Yes, days. Plural.

…when you can visit a place like this!

So, what can Vemork Power Station offer YOU? That is a very good question. Unfortunately, as a four year old the visit to Vemork Power Station left me with very few and vague memories.

However, I do remember watching a film about the power station, and I learnt that back in the day when everything was black and white there was a bald man working at Vemork. He had glasses. And in the film there was a soldier who took his glasses and stamped on them.

Based on my own experience I would say this trip was definitely a unique one and it was never ever repeated. I’m convinced that Vemork Power Station is a forgotten pearl that should be mentioned on the World Heritage List, and if you’re looking for a unique destination, this is the place to go!

– by Maren, Scandinavian Society.

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