The Great Lecturers’ Debate! (including free wine & nibbles…)

PSI  Society have organised a HUGE debate between most of the lecturers in PSI. They will be (in a question time style format) answering questions on 2 topics and will then be answering any questions that you have of them – whether related to the previous discussion or just something that you have always wanted to know!!

We will then have the opportunity to have some wine and other beverages and the chance to mingle and chat.

This is a great opportunity to get to know your lecturers better and understand their real views.

The two topics that are being discussed, are:
1. Should the UK intervene in Syria?
2. Should the UK leave the EU – is the role of the state in decline?

The debate starts at 5 o’clock and is in room 01.02 – please come along and bring all your friends – it should be a lot of fun and will be a laugh.

John Street will be hosting the event… and most of the lecturers will be attending! So please come along to watch you favourite lecturers answer some important questions!!!


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