Home Run: You said, we did…

“We are dedicated to making the improvements that you want to see from your Union services. Our Home Run service provides around 3000 bed spaces every year to UEA students. We make sure that your landlord meets your standards and we provide you with free, independent advice on all of your housing needs. We conducted a housing survey in February this year to find out how you want to see our Home Run service improved; this is what you said and what we did to make it happen!” – Tash Ross, Community & Student Rights Officer 2011/12

You said:We want more information on housing before the list is released!”

We did: We’re planning a whole host of in person and online housing advice for students from October, encouraging students to not panic and to wait for the list release.

You said: “We want a chance to feedback what we think about our landlords!”

We did: We’re piloting a ‘Rate Your Landlord’ survey, where you can give us valuable feedback. Watch this space!

You said: We want the Home Run website to be modern and offer new functions!”

We did: In the next couple of months we’ll be moving over to an updated version of the site, offering lots of cool new features.

You said:“We want the list to be updated quicker- with let properties taken down sooner!”

We did: We reminded landlords at meeting in April 2012 to let us know when properties are let. We also have a tab students can use to alert us on our online accommodation listing. We’ll keep doing this throughout the year.

You said: “We want to know more about what houses in Norwich look like, before we start looking!”

We did: Sam Clark, the Community and Student Rights Officer 2012/13 will be putting together some snazzy videos, showing you what houses and areas are like in Norwich – but for now we do have a video about the different areas you might chose to live in.

You said: “We want more help for Erasmus students who are only in Norwich for one semester!”

We did: We’re working on this with Astrid, the Union’s International Officer. We’re setting up a specific page at ueastudent.com for advice for Erasmus students, and hoping to work with landlords to offer more properties. Contact union.international@uea.ac.uk for more info, or to share your thoughts!

You said: “We’d rather the list was released on a different day, to better fit with our studies!

We did: We’ve traditionally released the list on a Monday, but are thinking about moving this later in the week to fit better with students’ timetables. Its early days yet, so watch this space.


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