It’s Election Day!!

All over Norwich, there are local elections taking place, to elect the councillors who will represent you in City Hall. If you’re a student living on campus, you are automatically registered to vote in these elections. (As a student, if you’re also registered at your home address, you can vote there too). The polling station for students living in halls of residence is Nelson Court Common Room B and the polling station is open until 10pm tonight.

If you don’t live on campus, you will have needed to register to vote. If you are registered, you can find out what ward you’re in here by searching for your street. The code next to it denotes the ward you are in. For example, if you were living on Gloucester Street, your code is TC2, indicating that you are in the Town Close ward. Once you know your ward, you can find out your polling station by going here and clicking on your ward.

The City Council has an impact on has a lot of things across Norwich. Local government has control of around 25% of all public spending across the country and the City Council is responsible for things like bin collections, street lighting, parking services and libraries. Make sure you have your say in who you want representing you as a Councillor and get to the ballot box.


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