Designers – Livewire Needs You!

Livewire are having a complete overhaul for the new year to pull in new members and the most important aspect of this regeneration is the logo.

The prize in this competition is to have your design as Livewire’s actual real-life proper logo, so it will be used on all of their media; their website, banners, stickers and posters. It will probably be their logo for a long time and will be a great thing to put on your CV and in your portfolio. The competition is open to anyone and everyone, so if you know someone that doesn’t attend UEA or NUCA, they are more than welcome to join in.


1) Anybody can enter as many times as they want.

2) Please send in as a .jpeg, .png or .gif

3) If you use Photoshop (you don’t have to) please also send the Photoshop formatted file.

4) As we go out on the AM wavelength, please design two logos of the same style, one saying “Livewire” and one saying “Livewire1350 am”. If you want to make any other variations, go wild.

5) Please send all entries to

6) All entries must be in by Friday 3rd August 2012.

If you need any inspiration, you can visit the Student Radio Association website and look at some of the other member stations’ logos (

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Eliot on


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