UEA Accommodation are making a recipe book!

Read this message below from UEA Accommodation about their recipe book for living in halls!

Dear (Budding Chef)

As part of one of our aims to give our students the best possible start to their University experience here at UEA we’ve decided to put together a UEA Residences Cookbook full of recipes that other students have enjoyed while living in halls.

As you will know, moving away from home for the first time can be a daunting experience and a few pointers in the kitchen could be useful to anyone, especially if you are used to your parents cooking most of your meals!

What we are looking for are recipes that you and your friends made while you lived with us in residences that you think that our new students might enjoy too.

While all recipe submissions will be gratefully received we’re especially interested in those that use the microwave-combi ovens in some way as for many students this will be first time that they have used these to cook with and they may not know the best way to use them. Who better to tell them than those that have previously lived in their new homes?

There will be prizes available for the best submissions and the chance to see your name in print for any that we use. We are hoping that the book will be quite comprehensive so we are looking for meals for all times of the day and for all kinds of dietary requirements. From Breakfast to Dinner and from Salads to

Deserts and Cakes, we want any and all of them. They just need to be something you enjoy making and that would be possible to make in UEA residences without the student having to buy any specialist equipment (for instance George Foreman grills, rice cookers or other plug in cooking equipment – we are not counting bowls or utensils that most students have in their kitchens). In case you have forgotten, in our residence kitchens we provide fridges, freezers, hobs, grills and microwave-combi ovens. Anything that you submit must be able to be made using these.

We are also interested in finding out what you wish you had known about cooking here at the UEA before you arrived so we can make sure that this information is in the book. Was there anything you wish you knew how to cook and didn’t?

If you want to submit a recipe to us (and possibly win a prize for your efforts) please email m.marshall-nichols@uea.ac.uk with the following information:

Your Name

The building that you lived in and what year you lived there

The name of the recipe

The equipment needed to make the dish (for instance, mixing bowl, wooden spoon, knives)

The ingredients and measurements of them to make the dish

The total preparation and cooking time

A description of how to make the dish including temperatures for the ovens, hobs or grill where applicable

A short piece of information as to where the inspiration for the dish has come from. For instance, was it a family recipe or have you adapted it from a cookbook that you have? If you have taken it from another book please can you acknowledge this so that we can do the same if your recipe gets included in ours.

Also, if there was anything that you wanted to know how to cook or about the kitchens in the residences before your arrival can you let us know that too so we can include this in the book.

If you have any questions about this or want to get involved and submit a recipe feel free to contact Matt on the email address above. We are trying to get this book completed in time for our new students to get a copy on their arrival in September so the sooner we hear from you the better.

Bon Appetit!

UEA Accommodation


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