New Members! This is a politically active Union…

Photograph by Ga Chun Yau

Above is a snapshot of a protest in May 2012, which was one of several protests that happened throughout the last academic year.

David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, came to visit in May 2012 to give a presentation and was met with a large crowd of students who voiced their disapproval of his policies.

He oversaw the tripling of fees, the removal of EMA, cuts to University funding and many other policies that will have a negative effect on Higher Education in the UK. The Union made policy at Union Council opposing the marketisation of education, and then staged this demonstration to make the policy reality.

Other protests this last academic year have included demonstrations of opposition to the closure of the School of Music, the ‘Nearly-Naked Protest‘ for People & Planet and opposition to the secret demolition of the Islamic Centre over this summer.

This is a very politically active Students’ Union which will support students in campaigning for change. This doesn’t always mean big protests and demonstrations, and more often that not will simply mean a conversation. So make sure to get in touch if you want to make a change in your Union, University or planet Earth in general!

We also recognise that not everybody will agree with the things we campaign on – that’s why we have democratic processes, so it’s ok! We want to hear your opinion on the things your Union is doing. And if you don’t want to be involved in the politics, there’s loads of other stuff to do.


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