Union of UEA Students Accommodation Tour 2012/13

Many of you will have received your accommodation offers either today or yesterday. If you haven’t then don’t panic! The University will be sending out the remaining offers by the end of next week. Make sure to check your junk folder too.

Watch this video above to follow your Union Full-Time Officers as they take a look at some of the University accommodation at UEA. You’ll see Nelson Court, Mary Chapman Court, Colman House, Norfolk Terrace and the University Village. We didn’t have time to visit all of the different halls of residence, but most of the accommodation is very similar.

Let us know if you have any questions about accommodation of anything else! We will be producing a ‘Living Locally’ video soon for those of you not living in University accommodation.


2 thoughts on “Union of UEA Students Accommodation Tour 2012/13

    • Hi Clare. It doesn’t DEFINITELY come with a kettle, but if you’re thinking of buying one it might be best to wait until you get here. Otherwise it’s pretty likely you’ll end up with 8 kettles in your flat.

      As for a clothes horse, there aren’t any provided and that is an item that you may want to bring.

      Hope that helps.

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