Welcome Week Ticket Link!

We will be sending out an email to all new students with a link to Welcome Week events listings and tickets early next week.

We had previously stated that it would be 27th August, and then 30th August – but don’t panic! The University have had complications sending out registration information to you, which means that you’ve not registered so we haven’t sent out the links yet. You haven’t missed anything.

Just make sure to register as soon as you can – if all goes well we’ll be sending out the link to your UEA inbox on 5th September, so make sure you’ve registered before then or you won’t receive the link!


5 thoughts on “Welcome Week Ticket Link!

  1. Hi Yaz, you should receive an email from the University with those instructions on how to register witht he University in the next couple of days if you haven’t already. This will allow you to access your UEA inbox, which we will send an email to with a link to Welcome Week tickets. Hope this helps!

  2. I still haven’t recieved my registration email, but everyone in halls has?
    I’ve checked my junk folder and have now emailed them. Have I missed the link?

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