The first email containing the SECRET link to Welcome Week events tickets has been sent today! If you registered with the University before 11am this morning then you should have received the link – that’s about 2500 of you.


It’s secret so that new students get a better chance at buying tickets before returning students, as these events are meant to be to welcome new students.

If you haven’t registered yet – don’t panic! We will be sending the email out again on Friday morning. This will go to your UEA inbox (check your junk folder!). Just make sure you’ve registered by then. It’s unlikely that events will have sold out by the time we send out the second email.

If you haven’t received an email from the University yet with registration instructions then it’s likely that you’ll be receiving this at the latest by tomorrow afternoon. If you haven’t received it by tomorrow afternoon, call UEA Admissions on 01603 591515.

If you’d like information about what events are being held, click here or have a look at UEA Ticket Bookings. (This is only information, you still need your secret link to actually buy tickets for now)


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