UEA Islamic Centre closure delayed

The UEA Islamic Centre was set to close before the start of this academic year 2012/13, but the University have decided to delay the closure. Here is a statement from the University’s Executive Team:

“Recent discussions about religious facilities on campus have surfaced the need for the University to develop a clear policy on the provision of appropriate facilities for prayer on campus for the followers of the key world faiths. Mindful of the concerns raised by a range of faith groups at UEA, including those within the Muslim community, about the adequacy of facilities for prayer and religious celebration, and having regard for the situation with respect to planning permission for the current Islamic prayer facility, following discussions with the Dean of Students, the Vice-Chancellor and the Executive Team have concluded that the University needs to take time to consider how we should provide for religious observance on campus in the future.

To this end the Executive Team will ask the University Council to consider a long-term policy for UEA on the provision and organisation of facilities for prayer and religious observance on campus, and the principles that should guide any future developments. Provisionally, therefore, the building housing the current Islamic prayer facility will remain open. Council will be asked to consider these matters in the light of the campus plan and the recently approved corporate plan.” – 5 September 2012

Well done to all of you who have been protesting and meeting and writing letters and doing anything to voice your concerns over the closure – you are the reason that the University have decided to delay the closure. We are trying to find out what consultation with UEA faith groups will look like for the ‘long-term policy’, and we will report back as soon as we hear anything.



12 thoughts on “UEA Islamic Centre closure delayed

  1. All praise is to Allah. This is very good news and all the Muslim community at Uea will have a good night sleep. This is the beginning of the end and all hard work should start, as mention in the statement to establish a policy regard faith provision on campus by Uea with consultation of all faith group.
    Once again thank you to Uea management, student union and the Uea Muslim community with all those who help in one way or the other.

  2. Praise be to Allah for providing opportunities for us to be and to work together and to impact each other’s future positively. Thank you Matt and his team for providing the support, and to the UEA for a considered decision in moving forward. We have vested interest in seeing the UEA grow in stature globally, and are committed to helping the UEA achieve their growth plans. We believe that a pro-active and collaborative approach will benefit all concerned and to that end, are committed to expand our energies with the UEA.

  3. Good news indeed! A huge relief to hear that the Islamic Centre will remain open. Glad that the UEA has listened to the voice of reason. All praise be to Allah and well done to everyone who worked tirelessly in the struggle to highlight the issue. A good show of solidarity too, with different individuals and groups coming together for a common cause.

  4. I am very pleased to hear this good news and I welcome the positive decision of the
    Dean of Students, the Vice-Chancellor and the Executive Team. The UEA Islamic Center is in fact the venue for the senior and junior students (males and females) to exchange their life experience in UEA and motivate them to complete their studies. Special thanks for all those who really support the campaign including the UEA Muslim Community and Student Union.

  5. We are really thankful to UEA executive committee for delaying the closure of UEA Islamic Centre and our gratitude extend to all those, who really played a positive role and support throughout this peaceful cause.

  6. All praise to Allah.
    That’s great news; thanks for UEA management for made the right decision, thanks for the student union, thanks for all UEA Muslim community, and thanks for all those who help in this issue.

  7. All praise to Allah,
    I am so happy and glad for this news and i would like to express my deep appreciation to our beloved University UEA for this decision, and big thanks for the student Union who works for the sake of all students and represents them and their interests. Again thanks UEA and all the management stuff.

  8. All praises be to Allah….

    We are thankful to uea administration and hope they will give up the idea of closing the uea islamic centre…..

  9. Allaho Akbar Waleellah Alahamd (Allah is Great and all paise be to him)

    I am so happy to hear such fantastic news from UEA, so when I leave UEA I’ll be leaving with a very nice impression insha’allah as i felt when i first started my study a few years ago.
    Big thank for UEA and for the executive team. We hope that you engage the students in your future discussions in order to know their demands instead of neglecting them and causing difficulties for both parties.

  10. Alhamdulillah, this is pleasant news…… at least for the short term. I hope the University will soon set the ball running towards finding a long term solution to the prayer needs of the diverse faith groups on campus.

  11. Masha’Allah, I am glad that UEA responded to the concern of its students and staff. Thank you Union of UEA Students, your support was a massive help in our struggle to highlight the importance of that small building at the end of Chancellor’s Drive for us, the UEA muslim students. I would also appreciate this positive response by the UEA Executive team… University of East Anglia just reached new heights of prestige among the UEA Muslim community!
    Thank You!

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