Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

It’s a well exciting time; everyone’s getting back after a long summer and we all know what that means! Having fun, seeing friends, catching up. But remember, now that you’re back you’ve got neighbours again, who have just had  quiet summer free of noise and trouble, and they might not be in quite the party vibe that you are.

It’s pretty easy to be a good neighbour; there are 3 main complaints that come in from local residents year after year:

  • Noise
  • Rubbish
  • Messy gardens

Here are a few tips to reduce the likelihood of annoying you neighbours, and getting complaints.

It’s likely that at some point you might have a party, and we all know what a wild party can be like. But if you’ve got neighbours, who have jobs, or kids, then the noise might be a genuine problem for them.

If you know in advance that you’re going to be making noise, let you neighbours know! Go introduce yourself, say hi. Check that it’s OK with them, and let them know that if it’s getting too rowdy then they can come round and tell you. This way, you’re likely to get a knock on the door from a polite neighbour asking you to turn the music down a little, rather than the police investigating a noise complaint.

And if you’re getting in at 3 in the morning, after yet another excellent night at the LCR, then maybe don’t turn up the volume and keep the party going. Go to bed. You’ll probably be glad you did in the morning.

Being back at uni means that you’ve got all those adult responsibilities that everyone hates. A key one being taking out the rubbish, and here’s the tricky part, doing it on the right day.

If you don’t know when your bin days are, check them out here.

Messy Gardens
If you have a garden, it’s quite likely it’s your landlord’s responsibility for its upkeep. Rather than have to deal with neighbours complaints that aren’t your fault, contact your landlord and ask them to come clear up the garden. Check your contract, there might even be a clause about it in there.

If it’s your responsibility, you should still be able to ask your landlord for tools and materials. If you’re having trouble with your landlord upholding their responsibilities, come in and speak to the Advice Centre. They’ll be able to help you.
So that’s about it, the recipe for a happy year in your neighbourhood.



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