UEA LGBT+ Survey Endorsed by Stephen Fry!

The UEA LGBT+ survey has launched, and a very special guest has written the foreword to it. The survey hopes to assess LGBT+ students’ experience at UEA, and then make improvements.

The survey, along with loads of other information about the current LGBT+ community can be found at http://www.uealgbt.com/ So check it out now! The more people who fill out the survey, the better the results and the more effective the changes we can make.

Stephen Fry praises UEA for “its famed atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance, diversity and – if I can call it such – raffish Bohemian variety and larky sense of fun and frolic,” but also gives the stern reminder that “for evil to flourish all that us required is for good men to do nothing.” With this survey, the Union, and members of the LGBT+ community at UEA are giving the clear message; we will not just sit by and do nothing, we are here to make positive change in the lives of all our members.


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