Hello and Welcome to All the New International Students

International arrivals began today, so firstly let me say

Hello مرحبا përshëndetje Բարեւ Ձեզ kaixo прывітанне হ্যালো Здравейте Hola 你好 bok ahoj Hej hallo tere kumusta Hei bonjour Ola მიესალმები γειά σου હેલ્લો alo שלום नमस्ते halo ciao こんにちは ಹಲೋ 안녕하세요 ສະບາຍດີ sveiki Apie Здраво سلام cześć привет Pozdravljeni hujambo Hallå ஹலோ สวัสดี merhaba ہیلو chào

As of right now, while you’re studying at UEA, you are a member of the Union of UEA Students. Congratulations!

You may have met some of our student officers today during your registration processes (the people handing out diaries and information packs). These people are here to represent you and help you if you have any problems. Their office is upstairs in Union House (the building you registered in), and if you’re in need of any help or advice, you should come and see us up there. We’d be really happy to see you.

Also available is the Union Advice Centre. Which can help you with information about setting up a bank account, housing information, problems that you might have with your course, or if you need help with anything at all. They’ll be able to help you, or send you to someone who can.

The International Students Office in the Dean of Students can also help if you’re having problems, or if you want information about trips and activities that you can take part in.

Make sure you also check out the International Student Society, a society that runs events for all students, but focused on multicultural events from all across the world.

If you need to get plug adapters, food, some UEA souvenirs, or if you need to write home and let them know you’re OK,  then you can go to the Union Food Outlet, The Union Post Office, or the Union Paper Shop. All of these are located near to each other, on the street near The Square (the middle of campus).

If you need pots, pans, knives, forks, or any other kitchen stuff, come to the The Hive ( where you registered) on Friday from 12-2 for The Union’s Pots and Pans sale.

From all the Union let me wish you a very happy time in the UK, now go have fun and make some memories that will last forever.

Here’s a song to celebrate your arrival!



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