How to have a good Sports/Societies Fair!

Next week is Sports and Societies Fair and, for a lot of committees, it is the first time they will have done any event like this! As a result, we have created this list of hints and tips to have a good time signing up members!

1. Be prepared! Make sure you have a clear rota of who will be manning your stall!
2. Make some flyers and think of inventive ways to distribute them – the more original the method, the better!
3. You need to look vibrant and attractive so people come to your stall so think about how to decorate your stall – big banners, balloons or posters are a great way to catch the eye!
4. Everyone loves free stuff! The more you have to give out, the more likely people are to stop and talk to you so be armed with Maoam, Haribo or anything else you can think of! The UFO will be open all day in case you need to stock up halfway through!
5. It gets VERY hot in the LCR so make sure everyone has breaks and has time to get fresh air!
6. It can be quite hard to read peoples handwriting and what you may understand at the time can become unclear when you go to put it onto Socweb! We provide sign up sheets so a simple tip is having a committee member write down peoples details so you know who to moan to when you can’t read someones name!
7. If you can, make sure some committee members are wearing some club/society branded clothing! New students will be on the lookout for a good UEA hoody and if your club/society has good merchandise, it may convince people to join!
8. Have some activity planned for after the fair! People want to know what they will be doing and how they can get involved so make sure your club or society appears active and vibrant!

That’s it! If you have any hints and tips to share then comment below!]



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