Not Living in Halls This Year? We’re Throwing You a Social!

If you’ve not been given University accommodation this year then don’t worry – we’re throwing you a social on Monday 24th September in Union House Room 1.33 at 5.30-7.30pm, so that you can meet other people who aren’t living on campus this year. And if you don’t have a house yet then this is a great place to meet potential housemates.

Make sure that you sign up for some clubs and societies – this is the best way to make friends at UEA. You can do that here any time of the year, and at Societies Fair on Tuesday 25th September in the LCR 12-7pm or Sports Fair on Wednesday 26th September in the Sportspark 11am-3pm.

If you’re worried about living locally, or you find it becoming a problem throughout the year then you can speak to your Community & Student Rights Officer, Sam, on, or give the Advice Centre a ring on 01603 593463.

Look at the picture above. Norwich is just lovely. You may be living in the city centre, West Earlham/Bowthorpe, near campus, or somewhere else in Norfolk or Suffolk. But pretty much everywhere around this area is just delightful. If you’re still looking for a house visit our Home Run site. MM


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