Hear Hear – Did You Know Your First Year Will Now Count?

Well, employers will be able to see how well you did, anyway. The higher education achievement report, or HEAR, is a new initiative which makes the entire transcript of your degree available to employers. If you fail a module in first year, or underperformed on another in your second, your prospective employer will know.

While your first year will not count towards your degree, employers will be able to see the marks for your individual modules, so what you do in first year may well affect your future career prospects.

This will only be for undergraduates commencing their studies from this year on, it will also take into account voluntary/extra curricular activities that you do within the university; which activities will count is yet to be decided. This is not a replacement for your CV; being able to write a good old curriculum vitae is still an important skill, and if you are struggling with yours you should go and see the careers centre.

If you would like more information on the HEAR it was raised at learning and teaching committee last March and if you click HEAR (geddit?) you will be able to see what was discussed.



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