Priority Campaigns Poll: Have Your Say!

Welcome to the Priority Campaigns Poll. The Union is a campaigning organisation – we are here to bring about positive change for UEA students. Here are our six priority campaigns for the year:

Ethical Investment: We will join an international campaign to divest from
unethical industries. No more sweatshops, no more fossil fuels, goodbye exploitation.

Coursework Return: We want our coursework to be returned early
enough for us to learn from, and to be within University

Fairer Exam Timetables: Our exams should be fairly spaced, and timetables
should be released as early as possible.

Safe Space: There should be a safe space on campus for students to
go to if they are feeling threatened or need to be alone.

Get the Vote Out: We want to encourage students to vote and get their
voices heard on the political stage.

The Union Officers have decided that the six campaigns above are probably the issues that UEA students care about the most. We are going to campaign on all of these things, but it would be good to know what you care about the most. If it’s none of the six things above, tell us what else you do care about.

You can vote more than once – if you care enough about one of the campaigns to vote for it twelve times then we should know! And you can vote for more than one thing if you want to. You can also vote by putting tokens into the tubs in the Paper Shop, UFO, Union Pub & The Hive. You don’t have to make a purchase to get a token, ask any member of Union Staff for a token and if they don’t have one on them, they’ll be able to point you to someone who does.


3 thoughts on “Priority Campaigns Poll: Have Your Say!

  1. Regarding “Attendance Monitoring”, I think a more pressing issue is that the university is [apparently] putting on classes which aren’t teaching anything. Why and how?

    • What we mean is that we’ve heard several examples of classes where students regret turning up as time would have been better spent in independent study. We find this incredibly concerning, but it is the same issue – the University should be addressing teaching quality before monitoring attendance if their goal is to improve grades and satisfaction.

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