Natwest, divest! People and Planet activists spill crude news about our banks…

Are you wondering why a bunch of hyped students, covered in fake oil, took to the square last week? This year our student union wants to fight for ethical investment! This means we as individuals, and as a university, need to stop banking with dirty investors like Barclays, HSBC, RBS and its subsidiaries such as Natwest. We’ve already switched our union bank from Natwest to the co-op – now it’s time for the university to follow suit!

So what’s wrong with our banks?

These banks invest in the tar sands; the most destructive oil extraction site on our planet. The site itself stretches a whopping 140,000 sq. km across Alberta, Canada’s ancient boreal forests. Not only does this mean that 1000s of land treaties are being violated, but also that toxic waste pools the size of Wales are currently endangering the lives of nearby indigenous populations.

Worst of all, this oil creates two to three times more carbon emissions than conventional oil, just during its extraction process! This is because it is thick and sticky like tar and incredibly difficult to separate from the earth. Huge amounts of high pressured steam need to be injected into the ground, thus using even more energy and releasing even more CO2 into the atmosphere. Currently 1.5 billion barrels are produced every day. Shocking right?

Luckily there’s loads that YOU can DO!

1) Attend our first big campaign event!: On the 10th October, we will be running a FREE FILM SCREENING of “TAKING ON TARMAGEDDON.” Come to Lecture Theatre 1 at 7pm to watch a shocking new documentary on the tar sands project. We’ll have speakers from the film itself, Move Your Money campaign and much more!!

2) Join our campaign to boycott unethical banks. Keep an eye out for campaign updates and read more here 


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