LCR Club Nights…On a Wednesday!?!?!

The LCR is changing but its up to you whether this change is one for good!

We are trialling having Wednesday night LCRs instead of Tuesdays. This is the result of feedback from Sports Clubs who want to go out after BUCS matches instead of before and other customer feedback.

The trial dates are: 10/10 – Safe Sex LCR; 07/11 Tight and Bright LCR; and 12/12 Christmassy LCR. These nights are low effort fancy dress so it couldn’t be easier for you to come along and have a great night out. The Safe Sex LCR doesn’t even have a fancy dress theme at all! Its simply a normal club night with the message of Safe Sex and free contraception!

If moving to a Wednesday is a change you want to see happen permanently, get yourself to the LCR on these dates! If they aren’t busier than normal or show no difference, it will be harder to demonstrate that there is a real demand for change!

Get in touch with your Ticket Rep or come down to the Box Office and make sure you make these nights a success! Any questions, feel free to come and ask me as always!



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