Exam Feedback Is Your Most Important Issue

Last week we ran the Priority Campaigns Poll, where you could vote on which of the six campaigns you find most important. You could vote more than once if you cared about something enough to do so, and you could vote for more than one thing if you found more than one of them important.

The winner was Exam Feedback, with 5857 endorsements, about 37% of total votes.

So what are we going to do now? Well, we’re going to campaign on all of them, as every campaign got at least 1000 endorsements last week. For Exam Feedback, we’ve already asked the Vice Chancellor if he would be willing to host an open forum on exam feedback and he’s said yes – so we’ll be looking to confirm a date soon. We’re also developing more ideas on how to campaign on this issue, and we’re feeling pretty confident! Tell us your ideas to campaign for exam feedback, we’d love to hear them.

In second place was Anti-Fees & Cuts. We’re sending coaches to the TUC Demo on 20th October, so if you want to come along them book your place. There’s also the National Demonstration in November, and we’ve got vague plans for an Anti-Fees & Cuts conference so that people can come along and better understand the issues facing UEA students.

Check out our Student Officer Action Plan to see what else we’re up to this year. It’s updated every week with our progress. If you have any ideas then we want to know!


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