Coalition of Resistance – TUC Demo in October: You Can Help!

On the 20th October hundreds of thousands will march through the streets of London to protest against the Coalition government’s austerity agenda. If you are a UEA student, the Union is providing free transport to and from the demonstration, book your place HERE.

Spending cuts and privatisation are rapidly altering the kind of society that we live in and this affects all students. Graduate unemployment remains stubbornly high with up to 9% of graduates claiming out of work benefits and only 62% in full time employment within 6 months of graduating.

Next week we have a full programme of campaigning planned and we need your help.

  • Every evening next week (Monday-Friday) we’re going to be visiting students in halls on campus to let them know about the demo and encouraging them to book their place
  • On Monday and Tuesday we’re going to have a stall where students can come and chat to us about the demo as well as reserve their place
  • On Wednesday from 12-4pm in the LCR we’ll be holding a placard and banner making session. All materials will be provided, just drop in and customise a placard or banner with your own slogan which you can then take to the demo.
  • We’re also going to design and print up some leaflets and posters which we can then distribute on campus. Let us know if you’d like to take some leaflets to hand out or a poster to put up in your window.

If you can help out in any way or have any suggestions about what else we can do then get in contact either via
or by email:


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