Wanting to Hold an Event But Have No Money? The Cultural Fund Might Be Able To Help!

The Cultural Fund is a new programme started by the Union in association with the University of East Anglia Annual Fund. If you want to run an event which shares your culture or background with others, then you can apply for up to £500 to help you run that event. This means that if you, your friends, or your club/society doesn’t have the money instantly available to you, you are no longer stopped from being able to run events.

To apply for this funding, you must submit a proposal of what you intend to do, and what the money will be spent on. The fund will hopefully be self sustaining, which means that if you run an event, it will be better received if you intend to make some or all of the money you have borrowed back in some way. If the event makes a profit, half of that money goes to your club or society, the other half goes back into the fund so it can be used in the future. If you make a loss, you will NOT be charged. The fund will sustain a loss, but at no personal risk to you or your group.

If you would like to know more about how to apply, you can come email our Volunteers and Fundraising Coordinator, Lynne, at lynne.simpkin@uea.ac.uk or Sam Clark, the Community and Student Rights Officer, at union.community@uea.ac.uk


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