‘Students Are Not Migrants’: Petition!

On 6th April 2012 the UK Border Agency decided to abolish the Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) Visa. This Visa allowed non-European students two years to find employment after their studies. There are now pretty unreasonable barriers for international students who wish to stay and contribute to society in the UK. But you can sign this petition to bring the Post-Study Work Visa back!

For example, you can only stay after your studies to work in the UK if you “have been offered a skilled job to fill a gap in the workforce that cannot be filled by a settled worker” [UKBA], and there is a limit of 20,700 spaces for these jobs which will be fought over by over 450,000 international students and another approximately 600,000 people who enter the country each year.

If you are “internationally recognised or likely to become world leaders in the arts, humanities, science or engineering” [UKCISA] then there are 1000 spaces available in the UK for you to work under Tier 1. There is an opportunity to apply for a job under Tier 5, but it has to be directly relevant to what you are studying and you can only stay for a maximum of two years unless you manage to be on a salary of £150,000 or you are a world leader by the time you have to leave – and even then, in most cases you will not be accepted onto Tier 5 if you are a student.

Do you think this is unreasonable? If so, sign the petition to show your support.



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