There’s Going to be a New Sheriff in Town: Police and Crime Commissioner Elections on the 15th November

On the 15th November the government are holding the first election ever for Police and Crime Commissioner. This new role in the police force has been created in an attempt to increase efficiency and oversee the funding to the police force in your area. Many have condemned these elections as pointless wastes of money, including the Association of Police Authorities, however these elections are going to go ahead, so it is important that you make sure the candidate you most want controlling funding in your area is elected.

Here is the video that has been released to publicise the election:

Notice how many of those crimes were committed by young people? Watch it again and see. This election is not being aimed at involving, but rather demonising young persons, like students. Mainly because people under the age of 25 are less likely to vote. It is imperative that we make sure we do not allow ourselves to be portrayed and treated as if we are monsters just because of our age. We must vote to ensure that a candidate with our best interests at heart is elected.

The elections are open to all registered UK voters, and will be held in much the same way as a local election. The candidates for Norfolk can be found here, and it would be incredibly useful if you were to familiarise yourself with the candidates and their views before voting.

This person will not only be responsible for the police funding, but also for funding to services such as rape crisis centres and domestic abuse refuges. It is vitally important that a candidate you democratically elect is in place to ensure the safety of these services.

Here is a video about how to vote in these elections:


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