Safe Sex… are you having it?

So, uni life often means new relationships, new experiences, and much more.  One thing you might end up doing, is having sex.  Some more regularly than others.  But no matter how often you have sex, or with how many different people, make sure you’re doing it safe.

STIs can affect anyone, straight, bi, lesbian, gay, pansexual, etc.  As a result of a recent survey, we found out that our students didn’t like picking up condoms from the medical centre or advice centre.  It was too obvious, or too many people around.  So, we’e introduced our new ‘Safe Sex Station’.

It looks a little like this:

Here you can pick up condoms, latex free condoms, dams, latex free dams, female condoms and lube. ALL FOR FREE!  Exciting right!?

You might have seen some signs around Union House, in the lift and in the Hive.  But its upstairs in Union House, on the balcony above the glass section of the Hive.  There are two ways to get there:

1.) Go to the lift in the street or the hive and go to the top floor, floor 2.  Then its straight ahead of you.

2.) Go up the stairs in the Hive and follow the signs!  You just have to go down the corridor on the right hands side of the Grad Bar all the way to the end.

So what are you waiting for! We gave away over 1000 condoms in the last two weeks, and we’ve just got 5000 more!  Our only rules… Dont take too many of the same type, and Dont take the gold latex free condoms unless you’re allergic to Latex.

Now you have no excuse not to have safe sex!


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