Fossil fuels, frack off! Join together for the global day of action on climate change.

On Saturday the 1st of December, UEA students will be travelling down to London to join the National Climate March, planned to coincide with the start of the UN COP18 climate talks in Doha, Qatar, and demand action on climate change. Dubbed ‘Get Fractious’, the event will place particular emphasis on the risks posed by hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) – George Osborne’s proposed ‘Dash for Gas’, which threatens to starve off investment for new renewables and throw Britain’s legally bound climate change targets off track at a critical juncture in UK energy policy.

The march will culminate with the construction of a giant gas rig outside parliament, highlighting the concerns of a generation wary about being locked into further fossil fuel dependency. A new UN report released on Thursday highlights how far we are to go with the ‘emissions gap’ between carbon cuts needed if we are to avert the worst impacts of global warming and our current dismal progress, so building pressure on both the UK government and on delegates negotiating in Qatar for strong action on climate change is critical.

UEA students will be travelling down to London together, via Megabus, for the event. If you’d like to attend or for more information, email or check out ‘UEA People & Planet’ on facebook.

Official National Climate March ‘Get Fractious’ event page:

UEA event:

More information of fracking and shale gas:



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