UEA food co-op launches today!

food coop cover photo

Launching today in the Hive, UEA food co-op is a new student run initiative offering organic, fair trade and ethical dry goods at cost price to staff and students.

The project will operate on a not-for-profit volunteer basis alongside the existing vegbox scheme, and aims to act as a credible alternative to supermarkets by bulk buying produce from a wholesaler, in many cases undercutting supermarket prices. For example, 100g of organic porridge oats will cost 17p compared to 20p for the Tesco’s equivalent, and an organic tin of tomatoes from the UEA food co-op will cost 60p, 8p and 20p less than Tesco’s non-organic and organic counterparts respectively.

As well being priced competitively, through its commitment to fair trade and organic sourcing, the co-op will guarantee a fair price for producers in the majority world, and help to eliminate the risks of pesticides and other environmental degradation associated with industrial agriculture.

Products will include grains and pulses, flour, dried fruit and nuts, tinned tomatoes, peanut butter and baked beans, and for a £2 membership fee, members will also be able to purchase other products from Suma, the wholesaler (http://www.sumawholesale.com/), as part of future orders.

UEA food co-op will be in the Hive today 12-3pm, and is encouraging people to bring their own bags and containers if possible to save on packaging. To find out more, email ueafoodcoop@gmail.com or check out UEA food co-op (http://www.facebook.com/UeaFoodCoOp?ref=ts&fref=ts)

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