Internships for second year undergrads

On Friday 15th February the UEA Internship Team will be launching its Summer Internship Programme to 2nd Year undergraduates.  There will be a range of exciting opportunities in a variety of sectors.  The deadline for applications will be 3rd March.

According to the latest High Fliers report on the graduate job market, which highlights the importance of work experience, taking part in work placements or internships while at university is now just as important as getting a 2.1 or a first-class degree.

The Summer Internship Programme enables 2nd Year undergraduates to gain the vital work experience that today’s employers are looking for.

The programme offers:

  • The opportunity to participate in real working projects that will develop expertise and enhance your CV
  • The chance to apply your skills in a professional context
  • A work-based reference to complement an academic reference
  • The perfect chance to ‘test the water’ in a preferred industry or sector
  • Money! The internships are paid at the National Minimum Wage
  • Support is available throughout

More information and, from Friday 15 February, opportunities can be viewed at:

For more information, students can call the Internship Team on 01603 593917 or email


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