15 good things that have happened for UEA students this year

The Union is a charity that’s here to change your UEA student experience for the better. Union Officers are students you’ve elected, and they work with you to make good things happen. Check out this quick list of some of the highlights so far this year. Maybe you’ll want to be an officer too?

1. Officers ran a priority campaigns poll to show everyone that we’re a campaigning organisation, and to find out more about what’s important to you. There were 16500 responses. Exam Feedback had the most responses, with nearly 6000.

Evernote Camera Roll 20120928 1214152. We won exam feedback for students.

3. We’ve won the negotiations on campus faith provision.

4. Over 100 UEA students went to the national demonstration in London, and hundreds more became involved in the national issues that affect UEA students.

5.Our ethical banking policy achieved national coverage following the officers enacting the policy that Council passed (twice), and Union Council reacted to feedback from students and amended the policy so that we can show the RBS Six-Nations in our pub.

clean the banks6. More students signed up for Union Council than ever before, with over 200 reps signing up at the start of the year. For our ethical banking debate, over 100 students attended and over 300 watched online. So democracy has been working well this year.

council old7. There’s a new voting system; we can vote by paper or online, which should make it all a little easier, so hopefully more students will vote in Union elections this year.

vote station8. 5000 students collected Union Handbooks during Welcome Week, which included a diary of Union events and lots of information about how to get involved in the Union.


9. Officers made thousands of students aware that they are members of the Union in the first week.

members of the union!

10. 1700 students have an NUS Extra Card. This means they’re saving money. There’s also a loyalty card scheme with NUS Extra Cards in development which will save students even more money.

11. There’s also funding for a new Union ‘mega’ shop. This will mean there will be more money available for student activities in the future.

12. The LCR has had much better attendance this year, so more students have got to enjoy the delights of the LCR and there’s been more money coming into the Union for student activities in the future.

13. All of our representative positions on University committees have been filled this year, meaning more students are in the room when important decisions are made.

14. And we’ve had more help from the University this year in making sure that we can train our course reps, so that they can put your views across to University staff more effectively.

15. We’re making our Three Year Plan so that we know what we want to achieve in the next three years, we’re reviewing the Constitution so that students have more of a say in how the Union is run, and we’re reviewing our policies so that it’s easier to get involved in the decisions students make through our democracy…so we’re building a better Union for the students of tomorrow.

Officers have been leading all of these great changes for students – and plenty more (but we can’t talk about them yet before elections, just in case the officers involved run for election. If this makes you want to get involved in the Union, whether you agree that these are good changes or not, then why not run for election? If you don’t want to run for election, make sure you vote from Feb 28th-Mar 4th. For more info on eelctions visit ueastudentelections.com.


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