Careers in the digital age

“I’m doing a job that didn’t even exist six months ago…”

Are you interested in a career within performance arts, heritage, marketing & PR, web development/ICT, social media marketing, writing, blogging or journalism – and much more besides? Then we have a must-attend event for you!

Careers in the Digital Age is taking place on Wednesday 27 February between 5pm and 8pm in the TPSC Lecture Theatre and Foyer.

Speakers attending:

  • Mary Hamilton, deputy SEO editor at The Guardian and games designer
  • Charlie Gauvain of Eye Television and project lead for the digitisation of the John Peel Collection for the Arts Council England
  • Adijah Tejani, DEV graduate and social media marketer
  • Mikey Martins of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival (NNF) and Without Walls

The NNF will be recruiting for the festival; and alumni and local employers will also be at the event for informal networking with students and graduates over a glass of wine after the main presentations.

Digital technologies are transforming the way we work, how we work, and who we work with. The reach is incredible – and hard to quantify. But one thing is for sure: if you are exploring careers that involve communicating with others, then you need to think digital. Whether online or offline, careers are being transformed.

This event is intended to give you just a taste of new opportunities, new collaborations, changing communications and new audiences.

To book your place, visit


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