Summer Internships from UEA!

UEA Careers have lots of opportunities for students to do internships throughout the summer! Some are listed below but for more information, pop over to Careers!


2nd or Penultimate year undergraduate? Interested in a Summer Internship using your language skills?

This internship with Guy-Raymond is a rare opportunity to practice and apply your language skills in a business environment, and to understand the functions of a busy and proactive export department. Why not check it out, along with many other summer internship opportunities at:

Looking to develop your project management skills? Why not check out this Summer Internship!

This internship with Clays, UK market leader in book production, will give you the chance to use your analytical skills and be integral to implementing process changes that deliver real commercial savings. A great foundation to your CV as you start to build your professional career! Find out more about this and other internship opportunities at

Are you a budding web developer? Maybe this Summer Internship opportunity could be just the thing!

2nd (or penultimate) year undergraduates don’t miss out on this great opportunity with Catalina Software to gain invaluable experience learning the day to day requirements of working in a fast moving industry, supporting many clients and developing software to meet the needs of many different businesses. Apply here before it closes on 3 March.

Wondering what to do this summer?

If you are a second (or penultimate) year undergraduate, do check out our summer internships. Lots of great opportunities with East Anglian companies. We’ve got internships with Selesti, Larking Gowen, Palmers Department Store, Government Procurement Services and many more! Check out all the opportunities and apply before 3 March at


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