Word Count Confusion


There seems to be a lot of confusion and inconsistency about the University’s policy on word counts at the moment, so we thought we should clear a few things up.

At the end of the first semester this year a policy was written which stated that ALL footnotes and endnotes will be included in the word count. When this was brought to our attention we swiftly got the University to realise that footnotes are often used for bibliographic references and in these instances should not be included; as such the policy was altered to reflect this and was then agreed by the University’s Learning & Teaching Committee.

The policy as it stands is located here: http://www.uea.ac.uk/calendar/section3/regs(gen)/submission-of-work-for-assessment-(taught-programmes) and states:

“The word count for coursework, written assignments, projects, reports and dissertations shall include: Footnotes and endnotes, references (in the main text), tables and illustrations and if applicable the abstract, title page and contents page. Any appendicised material and the bibliography or reference list shall be excluded from the word count. Where it is agreed that bibliographic referencing will take the form of footnotes and/or endnotes this will not be included in the word count – any additional notes within the body of the text will be counted.”

Please direct anyone still not sure of what the policy is, student or staff, to the web link and hopefully you will rest easy when writing your essays.


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