“Against Austerity: Towards a People’s Assembly” with Owen Jones, Natalie Bennett, Vicki Baars & others

A triple dip recession, high unemployment, wages cut, benefits slashed and public services decimated: austerity isn’t working.

This is why the Coalition of Resistance along with a host of union leaders, politicians, artists, commentators and activists have called for a national People’s Assembly Against Austerity.

Coalition of Resistance UEA have organised this public rally in order to raise awareness of the damage that austerity is doing to society and to build for the People’s Assembly that is due to take place in June.

We are delighted to welcome the following speakers to our event:

– Owen Jones (author and journalist)
– Natalie Bennett (leader of the Green Party)
– Vicki Baars (NUS Vice-President)
– Chris Nineham (CoR National Officer)
– Elliot Folan (CoR UEA activist)

The rally will take place at 7pm on Monday 11th March in Lecture Theatre 2, University of East Anglia.

This is a public event, all welcome! Please help us to build for the event by forwarding this email to your friends and contacts.

Click attending on the Facebook event and invite your friends!


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