Islamic Awareness Week!

From Islamic Society…

It is that time of the year again to join and take part in the UEA Islamic Awareness week (IAW) 2013. Please invite your friends and share this amazing once in a year event with everyone. 

IAW exhibitions from 11am-4pm at the square and stalls in the hive on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!


 ******Islamic artwork, artefacts & posters******

 ******Arabic calligraphy******

Students can get their name in Arabic calligraphy


Where students can sit down, relax and enjoy an Islamic welcoming atmosphere with tea, arabic coffee, dates and Arabic confectionary.

 ******Fundraising for Syria relief****** To provide help and support to Syrian families and individuals in need, in Syria and outside it, irrespective of religion, geographical location, or political persuasion.

 ******’Hijaab Booth’******

Inspired by a photo booth, women are free to ask questions about the Hijaab (headscarf) and try it on and enter a ‘photo booth’ to get their picture taken.

 ******Sister’s Henna art******

More of a cultural art than a religious one; students can get henna art done and donate to Syria relief if they wish to.

 ******Last the Fast******

A challenge to fast for a day. Other than the religious aspect of fasting, it has also been scientifically shown to be effectively incorporated into successful diets. Can you last the fast? Keep your eyes peeled for further info.

 Evening events:

 Monday 11th March:

****Muhammad: The man who changed the world**** Guest speaker: Adnan Rashid Time and place: 6:30pm -8pm at EFry 01.02

 Wednesday 13th March:

****Life’s a pain…and then we die?****

Guest speaker: Saleem Chagtai

Time and place: 6pm – 7:30pm EFry 01.02

Thursday 14th March:

Following the fasting challenge, breaking of fast (Iftar) Time and place: 5:45pm Islamic Centre

 Friday 15th March:

****The solution to poverty – the Islamic Economic System**** Guest speaker: Abdullah Al Andalusi Time and place: 6:30pm -8pm EFry 01.02

 Everyone is welcome and look forward to seeing you all at the UEA IAW 2013


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