Where: The Forum in Norwich When: Wednesday 5th of June 2013 Why: To celebrate UEA’s 50th Anniversary

What’s it all about?

In 2013, University of East Anglia turns 50.

We are celebrating this landmark throughout the year with a number of events, reflecting on our origins, connections and achievements so far, and showcasing the ways in which we hope to continue contributing to the advancement of learning for all. Members of the public will have the opportunity to take part in some of the many activities the Union of UEA students runs at UEA, including sports they may have never heard of before!

How can clubs and societies get involved?

The Student Union has some stalls inside the Forum as well as outside space for sports demonstrations. There are plenty of students involved in clubs and societies who have achieved absolutely fantastic things and The Student Union wants to showcase your skills and talents!

• Has your club or society achieved great things at UEA? Are you’re keen to shout about it?

  • Have you got some mad skills and want to showcase them to a willing audience?
  • Do you play a successful but lesser known sport such as: Ultimate Frisbee, Korfball, Dancesport?
  • Has your club or society suffered some bad press over the past year? Why not use this opportunity to showcase your skills at the Forum and turn people opinions about your club into a positive one?
  • Why not show people how awesome your sport or activity is and show people how well your club or society has done at UEA?

Come show members of the public what you’ve got!

The Union would love for its clubs or societies to put on some mini demonstrations that show off your skills and talents.

  • Shotokan Karate, Dance Squad, Capoeira? Why not provide a demonstration to show everyone what you do?
  • Football, Boxing, Lacrosse, why not provide members of the public with some sport demos and show off some tricks?
  • Salsa, Afro Caribbean, Burlesque, have you got a dance routine you could do?
  • Creative writing, photography, knitting – let’s get you arty types showing off what you do what – being creative!
  • Live music society – it would be amazing to have you there!

We would love as many clubs and societies as possible to get involved on the 5th June at The Forum.

If you are interested then please contact: Victoria in the Hive reception or email

More information available here:


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