Want to earn some extra cash over the summer?

Clubs and societies needed!


To teach activities to students aged between 13-16


For 1.5 hours on the following dates:

  • WEDNESDAY 21 AUGUST 2013 – 4:15pm
  • TUESDAY 9 JULY 2013 – 4:45pm
  • TUESDAY 30 JULY 2013 – 4:00pm
  • WEDNESDAY 7 AUGUST 2013 – 4:15pm

Will you pay me?

Yes – you can get between £20-£40 per session!

What can I offer?

Anything that your club or society already does! We are looking for a good mix! Football, Quidditch, Yoga, Photography – you name it!

Can I do it as a group or on my own?


How do I get involved?

Email v.cook@ueaa.c.uk for more information or pop into the Student Union reception to see Victoria.


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