Statement of support for Associate Tutors in Philosophy

On Tuesday 4th June 2013, Associate Tutors in the UEA School of Philosophy were informed by the university that they will no longer have access to an office, and were asked to remove their belongings from A0.25 by Friday 7th June 2013 (3 days’ notice).

The Union recognises the important role that Associate Tutors play in the University both through their research and their teaching and as such we support the ATs in the School of Philosophy in their campaign to win back their office space. The idea that they are so undervalued that they are not deemed to warrant office space within their own School is concerning. We support the right and the need of these members of the University to have their own office space where they are able to carry out their work. We believe the loss of this space will have a detrimental effect not just on those research students who have lost their workspace but on taught students as well. Associate Tutors undertake a large portion of teaching and if they have no place within the School to plan their lessons, mark essays, see students and engage with other faculty members this will have adverse effects on the quality of their teaching and other work. We hope that the decision to remove a vital resource from these Associate Tutors and the School of Philosophy itself is taken into reconsideration and put out to wider consultation.


One thought on “Statement of support for Associate Tutors in Philosophy

  1. Dear UEA,

    In case it has escaped your notice, we PAY for our degree, which includes supporting our Associate Tutors. I would not have passed this year if it wasn’t for my Associate Tutors, Simon Summers and Jessica Woolley, and this is how you intend to repay them? Shame on you! Is this the first step to the School of Philosophy going the way of the School of Music? For the record, Philosophy might not be a Science degree, but it can certainly lead to high earning potential. James WIlkinson, co-founder with his wife of the Wilkinson Scholarship, is a Philosophy Graduate. He earns so much as a banker, a career that he credits his Philosophy BA for as it taught him to think creatively, that he is able to offer a Scholarship each year for a Philosophy/Literature undergraduate to help with tuition fees. I suggest you give our Associate Tutors back the pathetic broom cupboard of an office that you previously deigned to give them, or we will be forced to take action to defend them.


    Michele Spandow, Philosophy/Literature Undergraduate.

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