Get £200 to help your local community

As part of Student Volunteering Week 2014 Student Hubs and NUS will award at least ten grants of up to £200 to a university/students’ union/FE college who want to create and develop activity as part of their national Good Deed Day event.

Good Deed Day will be held on the first day of student volunteering week 2014 – 24th February 2014 – with students out in their local communities making a positive difference and having fun, focusing on themes such as kindness and happiness.

To help you with some ideas for Good Deed Day activity what about:

  • Working with a local charity in the run up to Good Deed Day ask individuals they support to think about one thing that would help to make their lives better, it could be anything from changing a light bulb in an awkward place for an elderly resident to taking someone out for afternoon tea or make some homemade food for someone recovering from a hospital stay.
  • Spring cleaning your town or city centre. Students could each be given a container of plants to spruce up the areas that students live in to improve the look and feel of areas often deemed to be blighted by rubbish, this could be extended to support those houses where members of the community live within student areas – giving them garden makeovers

The deadline for applications is 15th August – SVW – project grant application form


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