What’s your dream event for the square?

Ever imagined a global foods market in the square? Perhaps a skate-rink, or live entertainment? The union and university are planning on re-enlivening the square with more events in the coming year. We want to hear about the things you’d like to see, or even run for yourselves in the centre of our campus – and think big!Image


5 thoughts on “What’s your dream event for the square?

  1. a traditional japanese “festival” with the different game booths and traditional fool stands going from the square down the pavement where the shops are and lit up paper lanterns hanging XD it would be a good chance for students to have a taster of japanese culture the japan soc is quite big too so theres the student market for it 😀

  2. My best friend from home (who is coming to visit at some stage) is an up and coming classical crossover singer with a phenomenal voice/talent. She’s been busking around the South West and donates all the money to Help for Heroes – so far upwards of £27,000 in the space of a year. I think it would be great to organize with the university for her perhaps to busk on the square. It would be fantastic entertainment for us students and also she could raise more money for H4H.

    Her website: http://www.tamsinball.com/

    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tamsinball

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