Priority Campaigns Poll – The Results are IN!


The results are in! After a week of constant voting, an incredible 8,325 responses have been totalled, and it is our greatest pleasure to announce Exam Timetables as the winner of this year’s Priority Campaigns Poll.

For the entire week, voting tokens and stations were not only spread between The Hive, Union Pub, The Shop, Box Office and Travel Shop, but members could endorse a campaign from their mobile phones. This year, you could Tweet, text, go online, and even press a button on Officer iPads to show your support. Voting stations were even taken outside and around the Union buildings, from the Library to INTO, from Edith Cavel to Arts. This year, we wanted to reach more than just the regular “hive-goer” and ask what YOU want from the Student Union.

The five nominated campaigns this year were: Exam Timetables, Ethical Investment, Get The Vote Out, Safe Room and Coursework Return. Students could vote multiple times, and for as many campaigns as they wish. All campaigns were selected from officer manifestos, student survey results and Union Council Policy, and each will be in effect this year.

Meanwhile, with 3,143 endorsements, it is clear that for the majority of students, Exam Timetables are released too late in the year, and exams are not fairly spaced. Moreover, it is believed that such a landslide win will certainly catch the attention of the University. Last year, 16,000 votes were cast, and the winning priority campaign was “exam feedback.” In effect, the University agreed to implement a policy this year, and now students can receive feedback on every exam they sit.

It is true however, to note that this year we did not have additional voting stations in the Paper Shop and Post Office as we did before, and this is most likely the reason numbers appear to be short of last year.

Meanwhile, the effect of the poll is expected to be just as great. Information was far more accessible for a start! More than 10,000 post cards were given away during the campaign which listed facts, figures and how to get involved in new Union Campaign Teams. Here marks a bit of a change. This year, we’re actively asking for help, for volunteers, for ideas, for STUDENTS to lead on these campaigns as well as elected officers – we’re also providing campaign training, resources, running conferences to offer the skills, rather than just asking for them.

If you’re interested in getting involved in a Union Campaign Team, email “EHTICAL”, “VOTE”, “EXAMS”, “COURSEWORK”, or “SAFE” to Rosie, our Communications Officer:


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