World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, some of the Union’s Peer Support societies on campus will be setting up a stall in the Hive. These societies primarily aim to bring Mental Health out of the shadows on campus; In order to do this; they intend to raise awareness by promoting mental wellbeing and focusing on wellness, taking the stigma away from mental illness

The Community and Students Rights Officer was at an NUS Mental Health Awareness Conference this week where delegates from public and private sector discussed Mental Health issues and societies attitudes to it, speakers such as Kevan Jones MP shared their personal experiences and reinforced the need for support for those affected.

This year the Union is campaigning for the University to sign the Mental Health Awareness pledge- TIME TO CHANGE –the pledge is a sign of our commitment and aspiration to tackle the stigma and discrimination around Mental Health as an organisation.

The Union in Partnership with the Dean of Students will be holding a Mental Health Awareness week in November which aims to get students talking  about some of the issues on campus; there will be workshop and activities planned throughout the week.


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