Changes to the LCR explained

The Union of UEA Students is a charity aimed at providing a wide range of services for the students at UEA. Over the last few years the income we rely on that is generated from our commercial outlets has declined.

Through a refurbishment of The Shop we have an opportunity to improve the late night food offering to students who attend our evening events. The money we make from this new service will be put back into the Union to deliver other student services such as clubs and societies.

UEA is a safe campus but we would like it to be the safest campus in the country. In a recent Union survey students stated that you do not feel safe outside the LCR once an evening event has finished. By moving the late night food offering to the Street we hope to disperse the crowds outside the LCR more quickly and make students feel safer whilst they wait for food.

Over recent weeks The Union has also been conducting a safety review and worked closely with university management and Norfolk Police to review the way we manage access to our licensed premises.

In order to avoid queuing to get into the LCR for an evening event you can buy a ticket in advance. From this Saturday we will operate a fast track entry system in The Hive, for those who have bought their ticket in advance.

You can buy a ticket in advance from the Box Office, online (at or from the pub on the night of the event (until the pub closes). Please remember you will still need ID and a campus card to enter the LCR.

Another part of our safety review has been to introduce a new smoking area on LCR nights. In recent years we have seen a student assaulted in the square by others who are not attending the LCR events. This would have been avoided by an enclosed smoking area. The new area will keep any rubbish contained in one area and avoid further complaints about litter in the square after LCR events. The area also means that we no longer need to use a stamping or pass-out system in order for students to go outside to smoke and is aimed at making our evening events more secure and safe for those who attend them. 

If you have any comments or feedback, please add them to this article.


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