LCS X-Factor – Get your applications in!

LCS is organising its first multicultural show to share art, fun and culture from different countries with local schools and others interested in different cultures. The show will take place in the evening of December 12th and will last approximately 1 ½ hours (with an interval).

We are looking for a variety of short performances in various languages and from different cultures. These could include the following but all proposals are welcome:

– Acting short pieces

– Singing

– Dancing

– Playing instruments

– Reciting poetry

– Visual arts (video…)

– Funny dubbing

– Circus skills

…AND MORE you come up with!

Nerea Rosa Barros, who is the main organiser of the event can be reached on

You have until  THIS FRIDAY to get together with your friends (from all schools at UEA) and propose a performance, or to propose an individual performance. In order to do propose a performance click on the link below which will take you to a Google doc, and enter the required information (you don’t need to save it, it will be saved automatically).

So whatever the country you come from or culture you are interested in, come and join us and share it! We are looking forward to hearing about you.

Best wishes,

LCS Factor Team


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