Student Safety now winter is on the way…………….

It’s week 7 and it is starting to get dark earlier and deadlines are also building up. The clocks go back 1 hour on the 27th October so when you go to bed on Saturday night (26th) don’t forget – you get an extra hour’s sleep but it also means that for the next 5 months when you leave campus in the evening it’s going to be dark.

If you have a bike please make sure you use lights, you can get very good ones from the Security lodge. Take care walking to and from campus and if you are at the library or a club night after 11 pm try and find out when the streetlights in your area go off and if possible use the main road to walk back home.

The Union is running safety/self-defence training for all students on the 6th November, we understand that being aware of your surroundings and being “switched on” is the most important factor for your personal safety’ and this course will give you useful skills, to sign up to the course please email

Lastly please don’t make it easy for burglars to break into your property, make sure windows and doors are locked and keep in mind that you will probably only return home once its dark.

We hope you have a wonderful semester


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