Support Staff Strike – 31st October

Support Staff Strike - 31st October

On the 31th of October, three main HE unions (UCU, UNISON and Unite) will be striking together over the pay gap in higher education (the biggest gap in the public sector), and the pay cuts caused by the government’s refusal to increase education workers’ wages, resulting in ‘one of the largest sustained wage cuts any profession has suffered since the Second World War’.

The campus trade unions are calling their members to strike on the 31st over the current pay offer of 1%, plus joint work on gender pay and casual work. The Union of UEA Students is in full support of the action, and welcomes students to join us at the picket lines at 8.45am at the round-a-bout by INTO, and again at 12pm by the security lodge.

In the unlikely event that you are faced with any kind of discipline by the university for refusing to attend Learning and Teaching (where doing so would mean crossing a picket line), the Union will fully support your actions. If you have any queries or questions, contact Rosie at


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