Key Decisions of Union Council 7th November 2013

Last night, 105 Councilors made the following key decisions. The debate was vibrant, the gavel was out, and again, students had their voices heard on a platform open to all. If you would like to suggest any changes to the motions below, or propose a new idea, contact your Union Councilor. Don’t know who your representative is? A full list of councilors is here:

Next Council is on the 21st November. If you would like to submit a paper to council, the deadline is 12pm, Friday 15th. We’re here to help in the Student Officer Centre (right of the grad bar) in Union House, or email Tony at


• Approved constitutions of Bulgarian, Mandarin, Chinese Drama and Computer Sciences. Postponed consideration of Medsin. Rejected proposed constitution of Postgraduate Law.

• Co-opted Jessica Lamb as member of the Union Council Action Log Committee; appointed Moji Adegbile to the SSF LTQC

• Received reports of protests against Barclays Bank’s involvement in tax avoidance and on the visit of George Osborne to Norfolk

• Noted report that Union policy had been breached by the police and University Security entering Union House uninvited

• Noted concerns over the quality of reporting from Management Committee

• Noted that students are not allowed re-admission to events even if they have to help a sick friend home

• Sent the question of whether to stop the playing of the song ‘Blurred Lines’ in Union premises to a referendum

• Agreed to sign the ‘Time to Change’ pledge and to work toward ending the stigma and discrimination around mental health

• Agreed to investigate the possibility of offering halal and kosher food in Union outlets

• Agreed proposals to make Union representation more effective but rejected parts of the proposal that Councillors should make themselves available on campus for one hour in the week and that SOC should be mandated to trial the use of referendums each semester

• Agreed policy to build a culture of partnership with the University and to lobby for funding and support to develop student representation and improve the Union’s impact on quality assurance

• Agreed an amendment to reject a call for a referendum on the ‘members-only’ policy on entry to the Union’s bars and non-ticketed events

Full minutes will be uploaded to our website here:


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