Travel Shop Closure

Today, Students Union Services Limited (East Anglia), a subsidiary company of the Union of UEA Students, announced that it intends to close the Travel Shop at Union House at the end of 2013.  The Union has also announced a reorganisation in The Shop aimed at reducing costs and improving customer responsiveness. 

Union Communications Officer, Rosie Rawle, said; “Over the last few months we have examined all the options for keeping the Travel Shop open, but given changes in customer behaviour and the industry, the Travel Shop no longer represents a going concern. We have thus reluctantly reached the conclusion that it should close at the end of 2013”

“In addition we have carefully reviewed The Shop operation and intend to make changes to the management and staffing of it to improve layout, tills, customer responsiveness and stock replenishment”

“Regrettably, the result of these changes is that a number of Union staff are at risk of redundancy. Staff in the Union’s retail services have faced considerable uncertainty and we will be working closely with them and Unison as they explore their options for the future. Every employee will be able to access support to ensure that they are able to make the right choice”  

For more information please contact Rosie Rawle, Communications Officer, 01603 592504,

NOTE: The Union’s box office will remain open, and travel passes will still be available from the Union.


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