Events for insights on the graduate job market – TONIGHT

This Wednesday (13th November) Bright Futures boss and graduate recruitment expert is coming to UEA to give you his insights on the graduate job market.

He will be covering:

  • The graduate market – how tough is it really?
  • The importance of preparation
  • Where to look for the jobs – on and off line
  • What to include on your CV & how to use your time at university to make sure that your CV is jam-packed with what recruiters want to see!
  • How to cope with online application forms
    How to stand out in Telephone Interviews (And the questions you’ll be asked!)
  • Competency based Interviews – What they are and the types of answers that recruiters are looking for – you can be totally prepared for these.
  • Ability / Psychometric tests – how to pass them
  • Assessment centres – what to expect

Get ahead of the game and come along!!!

This event is FREE for members and £2 for non-members, or for £1.50 extra sign up for the year!

7.30pm in Congregation Hall.



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